7 Tips for Staging an Empty House for a Quick Sale

Staging an Empty HouseHome staging helps a home sell faster and at a higher price on average, so having an empty home is a disadvantage for those looking to close on their property. Fortunately, staging an empty house does not have to be a Herculean task!

You can put the following seven tips below to good use in order to have your home looking gorgeous and appealing in time to wow viewers.

Rent Your Own Furniture

Your first step is to find furniture to fill all those empty spaces. Many businesses, including ones around Phoenix, offer temporary furniture rentals that include delivery and haul-away. Make a checklist of the pieces you will need to give a sense of purpose and “homeyness” to each room.

Don’t Introduce Clutter

Clutter can make even a gorgeous home look like an eyesore. Too many objects can not only make a space look small and ugly, but they also prevent the home viewer from imagining how they would use the home.

Try to leave as much room as possible for floor space, so keep furniture pieces to the bare minimum. You also want to limit the amount of décor so that it is accenting rather than distracting from the furniture pieces.

Use Appropriate Furniture for Each Room

The last thing you want to do is make it look like a space alien staged your home, so make sure to put each piece of furniture in its appropriate place. Feel free to get creative, such as staging a kids’ bedroom as an office or a dining room as an entertainment parlor, but avoid bizarre choices like putting a couch in the master bedroom just because you did not want to rent a bed.

Use Neutral Color Schemes (Not Just What You Like)

A common mistake among self-stagers is that they try to pick out colors, pieces and patterns that represent their own unique style. Remember that style is in the eye of the beholder, so your choices should be as neutral and universally appealing as possible. Choose light colors for rugs, runners and art, and avoid too bold of colors on furniture upholstery.

Also, if you have time, have the walls repainted in a light color so that the rooms look cleaner, brighter and bigger.

Look to Pinterest and Home Design Magazines to See How Others Do It

Pinterest is full of staging tips, helping you make your home look charming, liveable and just a touch stylish. It can provide you with clever ideas, too, such as how to stage table placements to make a dining nook appear ready for brunch.

You can also look to home design magazines for inspiration, but try to filter through the wilder ideas to find ones that are better suited for a broader crowd.

Don’t Forget About the Yard

Staging also involves the outdoors, so make sure to de-clutter your yard and set up furniture that shows off how someone might use an outdoor area like a patio, porch or deck.

Hire a Professional

Home staging is a lot of work and requires a surprising amount of expertise, so if you do not wish to move around furniture and spend hours agonizing over shelving arrangements, then hire someone who can do it for you. Just make sure to go with your own source for furniture since many home stagers will add on extra costs when they supply the pieces.

If you want recommendations on the best home stagers to work with in terms of value and effectiveness, you can always consult with local Biltmore area real estate services like Realtors, who can tell you about the best people to go with based on experience.


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