Biltmore Home Buying Inspection Checklist

Biltmore Home Buying Inspection

Most Biltmore homes are incredible works of craftsmanship, but not all are perfect. Buying a home in Biltmore therefore requires performing the same due diligence as buying a home anywhere else. That diligence includes the typical practice of inspecting a home for sale by way of a professional home inspector.

Even when hiring an experienced home inspector, you will still need to keep an eye out for certain red flags during the home inspection process. Not every home inspector can be an expert in everything, after all, and some may only give a cursory glance at certain areas when pressed for time.

For these reasons, preparing a Biltmore home buying inspection checklist to guide your home inspector’s work — or even to engage in a pre-inspection — can help prevent critical oversights that severely compromise the value and utility of a home.


Exterior Inspection


___ Proper Grading and Drainage

  • No standing water or evidence of previous long-standing puddles
  • Adequate grading and drainage to move water away from house
  • Gutter downspouts point water away from house


___ Proper Landscaping

  • No obviously dead mature trees
  • No branches overhanging the home or touching walls
  • No thick underbrush around main property
  • Driveways, walkways, patios, entrance landings all in good condition, pitched away from main structure


___ Exterior Walls, Siding Have No Cracks, Peeling Paint, Stains or Holes


___ No Flaking or Spalling in Masonry, Stucco


___ Window and Door Frames in Good Condition

  • No signs of rot or insect damage
  • All intersectional lines are straight


___ Exterior Handrails Solid, Supportive


___ Roof in Adequate Condition

  • No broken tiles or obvious loss of granulation on asphalt shingles; no curling on wood shingles/shakes
  • Flashing covering all exposed roofing areas
  • No dry rot, staining, or sagging on fascia and soffit
  • Venting for eaves
  • Gutters are not rusty and not sagging with sealed joints and a clean coat of paint


Interior Inspection


___ No Signs of Structural Compromise

  • No stains found on ceilings, walls or floors
  • All structural intersections for floors, walls, ceilings and entryways appear plumb, and all surfaces appear level
  • No large cracks in ceilings or walls
  • All doors and cabinets shut completely, easily and lock


___ Stair Handrails and All Guardrails Secure, Supportive


___ All Appliances Operate As Intended


___ No Signs of Rust on Metal Fixtures, Appliances


___ Bathroom and Kitchen Tile Solid and Secure


___ Caulking around Sinks, Tubs, Tile in Good Condition


___ Attic Crawlspace in Good Condition

  • Adequate ventilation to exterior
  • Insulation on all exposed ducts, water supplies, vent pipes
  • No signs of insect damage or water damage


Electrical Systems Inspection


___ No Signs of Electrical System Malfunction

  • All light switches operate properly
  • Lights do not flicker when appliances like sink disposal are turned on


___ All Outlets Six Feet or Less from Sinks, Tubs Have GFCI Protection


Plumbing Systems Inspection


___ No Signs of Plumbing Issues

  • All faucets work and have strong water flow
  • Toilets work properly and do not wobble or have stained bases
  • No water stains on shower tile, around tub, under sink plumbing
  • No obvious mineral deposits, cloudiness in tap water
  • No strange noises in walls when pipes are turned on or off


___ Water Heater in Good Condition

  • Water heats up fast at every tap
  • No signs of rust or leaks around water heater tank
  • Sacrificial rod at 50% or more integrity


HVAC System Inspection


___ Good Airflow Throughout House

  • Strong air from vents
  • Strong pull into intake vent
  • At least one air register in each room
  • At least one intake register per level


___ Clean Air Filter


___ No Combustion Gas Odor Around Heating System


___ AC Unit in Good Condition

  • No dust on interior condenser coils
  • No debris on exterior AC unit or plants growing within four feet
  • No signs of rust on unit or icing


___ AC Vent Insulation in Good Condition

  • No signs of animal damage
  • Not insulated with asbestos
  • No sagging AC vents


Get a Home Inspector You Trust with the Help of a Biltmore, AZ Realtor

This general checklist for home inspection can help you out, but it cannot replace the value of a knowledgeable home inspector or a buyer’s agent who can spot these issues at a glance.

If you need help finding the highest quality properties in Biltmore with minimal risk of serious flaws, then you can entrust a local Biltmore AZ Realtor for their expertise and their recommendations on a trustworthy home inspector.


Are you interested in houses for sale in the Biltmore Area? Contact Thomas Osterman, an experienced Biltmore real estate agent. Call 602-405-4052 to speak with Thomas now!

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