How to Choose a Listing Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale

How to Choose a Listing Real Estate AgentIn a white-hot real estate market like Scottsdale’s, home sellers have to be wary of how they offer their property for sale in Scottsdale, otherwise they could get burned. Their realtor in Scottsdale is going to need experience, tough negotiation skills and knowledge of the local market factors, just to name a few criteria.

But the average person may wonder how to choose a listing real estate agent the smart way. To help someone listing a home or houses for sale on the Scottsdale market find the best listing agent for their needs, they can use the following methods:

Ask Friends, Family and Colleagues for Referrals

Word-of-mouth reviews are the absolute best tool for getting the full perspective on a potential listing agent, especially if those words come from the mouths of trusted people like friends and family. They can give you in-depth details on how their past listing agent performed from the initiation stage to marketing all the way up to close.

All this feedback will be given from the honest perspective of a customer, helping you worry less about someone holding back out of professional courtesy or a desire to not “scare you away.”

Make sure to ask for specific follow-up details to your referrer’s comments. If their account of a realtor comes second-hand, ask if they can put you in touch with the person who has first-hand experience. Remember to jot down notes about the praise and criticism you hear since it will come in handy during the next phase.

Read Online Reviews

Nearly all realtors have performance reviews and feedback online from past clients. They may also have endorsements from peers. Both types of reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, which is why it helps to recognize some names from personal referrals and connect the dots.

Be wary of client reviews that deviate significantly from what others are saying, such as being horrifically negative or fawning with compliments. Others may not share these opinions because the author themselves has extreme viewpoints. For instance, a former client complaining about poor communication may have put up obstacles themselves, such as never responding to missed calls.

Also, pay attention to the number of reviews on a particular source — more reviews is always better since they represent a broader range of experiences.

Look for Relevant Past Experience

Speaking of experience, always try to seek out a listing agent who is not only experienced, but who has relevant experience that could help sell your home. If your property is unique — maybe it has a swanky design from the ‘60s or is unusually small for the neighborhood — find a realtor who has sold similar homes. Experience selling in your neighborhood is a big plus!

Speak With a Prospective Realtor and Ask Direct Questions

Once you have an idea of a listing agent you may want to go with, you should contact them and conduct an interview. During your interview, make sure to ask specific questions about their past experience and how they would sell your home. Ask to see examples of closing prices and how they compared to the listing price. Definitely ask how they intend to market your home, and get them to show you examples of advertisements, photos and classifieds for listings.

The best agents should be able to make you feel comfortable and confident, so never compromise when choosing Central Scottsdale Realtor services to sell your home.


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