Homes for Sale in Arcadia vs. Arcadia Lite [Buying Guide]

Arcadia vs. Arcadia Lite Homes for SaleWhen Phoenix was barely more than a cluster of farms and affluent families, the Arcadia neighborhood became a thriving example of utopia and suburbia combined. Citrus orchards quickly gave way to sprawling estates, each one occupied by unique homes for sale in Arcadia built to the specifications of their owners.

Of course, Phoenix changed, and more people began to move in as part of the post-World War II housing boom. New neighborhoods sprung up, including one that would later be given the teasing nickname “Arcadia Lite.” Now, that epithet can be thought of as a moniker of pride. Arcadia Lite attracted tasteful professionals wishing to live near Phoenix’s most popular hotspots.

Both neighborhoods offer very different takes on prestige, comfort and beauty, people who wish to buy a home in Phoenix may have trouble deciding between living in Arcadia and living in Arcadia Lite. To help them, we have outlined the following primary differences:

Neighborhood History

We covered the history of Arcadia and Arcadia Lite in brief above, but noting the different conditions in which each one arose is critical to understand their particular character.

People began moving into Arcadia in the 1920s once irrigation was made available to lands. Many people took advantage of this source of cheap land — selling for 5 cents an acre! — to start a farm along with their families. In a marked departure from later subdivisions, developers built properties on a case-by-case basis through owner input. Over time, large ranch homes were modified into estates, and citrus trees became more ornamental than a source of income.

Although it possesses many 1920s bungalows and similar pre-WWII-era homes, most of Arcadia Lite was built in the post-war economy as part of suburban development. Therefore, many homes may have similar layouts and occupy similar-looking plots. Over time, residents with a focus on art and culture renovated homes to become more unique, or they built homes with more specifications in mind.

In the end, Arcadia feels more embroiled in a sense of the timeless past, whereas Arcadia Lite feels like a constant evolution from the art culture of the 1960s to its current, modern version.

Cost of Buying a Home in Arcadia Versus Arcadia Lite

Buying a home in Arcadia means holding out for one of the rare properties to make it to market. When they do, they usually fetch prices well above a million dollars.

Homes in Arcadia Lite are almost as desirable without being desired quite so much, allowing aspiring homeowners to secure a historic home near downtown Phoenix within the $300k to $600k range. Bidding is less fierce, and renovations tend to be less costly as well, further lowering the costs of ownership.


Because of its preserved nature and sprawling estate lots, Arcadia feels off the beaten path. It stretches from 44th Street to 68th Street and Indian School Rd. to Camelback mountain. Driving down its roads feels like a relaxing trip to the past, but can prove time-consuming for some commutes.

Arcadia Lite lies to the west but within the grid of Phoenix’s master road plan. Reaching downtown or local hotspots like The Vig takes far less time during light traffic.

Trendiness and Culture

Arcadia has always been a trendy place to live — a badge of pride for those who appreciate the tastes of a more refined bygone era.

Arcadia Lite has been emerging into its own as a fresher type of trendiness for young entrepreneurs and families, including being named by the Phoenix New Times as its Best Neighborhood in 2014. Nearby attractions like La Grande Orange, The Attic and the Madison Improvement Club ensure that your nightlife in Arcadia Lite will never be boring.

Conclusion: No Wrong Answer

While home values may be out of reach for some, Arcadia’s undeniable historic appeal and reputation for a quality-built home sees Arcadia real estate services always scrambling to secure the next available listing. Arcadia Lite may be less fought over, but it possesses a more modern and affordable sense of its cousin’s classical charm in a more convenient location.

If you are still having trouble deciding, real estate agents in Arcadia Arizona can direct you to the properties that fit your criteria and budget to ensure you have a home worth bragging about no matter which neighborhood you decide upon.


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