Paradise Valley Luxury Real Estate: Top Home Amenities List

Paradise Valley Luxury Real EstateStaying current on home trends helps luxury home buyers focus on the most desirable amenities that add value, functionality, and appeal to their home. They may also help the home increase in value more than usual over time because it possesses sought-after qualities on the Paradise Valley luxury real estate market.

To keep you up-to-date and inspire you to find a gorgeous luxury Paradise Valley home with only the best features, here are five of the most talked-about luxury amenities on the market today:

1. Open Floor Plan

Real estate in Paradise Valley has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1950s. At that time, a sprawling ranch home on a one acre lot was considered an exemplar of luxury. Now, we understand that homes that look big on the outside may not feel quite so big on the inside.

This realization has fueled a rise in the popularity of open floor plans. These “open concept” homes are designed to meld commonly separate areas — living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens — into one large “great” area. The advantages are numerous, not the least of which is the fact that open floor plans create an impressive sense of scale upon first entering the home. In addition, light and air travels much better, making open concept homes more energy efficient and comfortable compared to homes that are sectioned off with wall after wall.

Even better, rooms that are seldom used in other homes like living rooms and dining rooms can now offer a communal sense of togetherness and inclusion. No more toiling away in the kitchen like an exile!

2. Game and Theater Room

Call them a “game room,” a “media room ,” a “rec” room or even a “parlor,” but regardless of their name they serve one major purpose: entertaining. Having all of the game consoles, home theater equipment and entertainment media in one room creates a haven for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the work or school week. Some homeowners even add more upscale machines like skee-ball or air hockey to make these areas a true all-in-one fun room.

Concentrating these items cuts down on the visual clutter of having them in other areas of the house. As an added bonus, “smart home” features that integrate home speaker and theatre systems to other rooms of the house can allow you to control what you see and hear in other rooms through one convenient location.

3. Spa Bathroom

Spas are places designed to help people shed stress and reinvent themselves as a more beautiful and relaxed person. Bringing these qualities to the home is the ultimate way to pamper yourself and get high mileage out of an underappreciated area of the home. Settling for a simple bathtub/shower combination now seems passé when instead you can have a luxurious, travertine-clad, sauna-like shower area and a timeless claw foot tub. Immerse yourself in Japanese-style woodwork, sumptuous color schemes and features like swivel-arm task mirrors typically reserved for professionals.

4. Outdoor Kitchen and Pool Area

Luxury homes for sale in Paradise Valley have been stepping up their outdoor game with multi-level patio areas that just beg to be used all year long. Having a full-size grill, fume hood, prep area and mini-fridge at your fingertips can keep you enjoying the great outdoors while entertaining — as opposed to toiling away inside while everyone else is having fun by the pool.

5. Wine Cellar

Having fine wines and liquors simply stacked up in the kitchen and being bombarded by light and heat is a great way to communicate to others that your sense taste only extends to what others have told you. To truly enjoy the finer things and demonstrate to others that you know how to do so, you will want to cultivate a wine collection that can withstand the test of time in a controlled environment. Newer wine cellars can also double as an impressively-atmospheric place to entertain guests, complete with a dining room table and ambient lighting.

These luxury home features take the cake for what people on the market are looking for these days. Find a home with your favorite trait or even all of them by enlisting the help of a knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced real estate agent in paradise valley. They can help you find the absolute best home with amenities that will have visitors begging to come back time and time again.


When in the market to purchase luxury real estate in Paradise Valley, speak with Thomas Osterman, an experienced Realtor with intimate knowledge of this unique town. Call 602-405-4052 to speak with Thomas today!

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