Popular Kitchen Designs in Paradise Valley Mansions for Sale

Kitchen Designs in Paradise ValleyNo matter how big or small your home is, the kitchen is always at the center of it, both for parties and when it’s on the market to be sold. Everyone wants to have an enviable kitchen, and we will provide some tips to make yours functional while adding value to your home. Discover below the most popular kitchen design elements in Paradise Valley mansions for sale.

Layout Is Everything

If you have a smaller kitchen, stick to the classic work triangle, with the stove, sink, and refrigerator at each of the points. It’s classic because it works really well. In larger, chef-inspired kitchens, you may end up with two each of sinks, refrigerators, and stoves, as well as wine storage and warming trays, widening that original layout. Just make sure it’s all workable and everything is within reach.

Cabinets Are Key

These days, we have all kinds of small kitchen appliances, from juicers and blenders to toasters and espresso machines. That means your kitchen upgrade needs plenty of counter space not only for storage but also to prepare meals. Remember to have lots of counter space near the fridge, sink, and stove, where you’ll need staging areas. Finish counters with durable materials, including granite and marble at the high end and ceramic tile and laminate at the low end.

Flooring for Comfort

Kitchens tend to have lots of spills, so a durable floor is a must. Vinyl is a good material, but since it damages easily, you may find yourself replacing it sooner. Wood and ceramic tiles are durable and beautiful, but they present a cleaning challenge. Newer materials such as cork are environmentally aware and look great. Your best bet, however, may be laminate flooring, which is easy to clean, durable, good looking, and cost effective.

Consider Appliances

Today’s consumers are looking for energy efficiency, and kitchen appliances are one of the main areas in the home where electricity can be wasted. Opt for Energy Star-rated options, if within your budget; the higher rated, the better. Stainless steel is a popular finish, but you can also go with white or black, which are much more timeless than the dated beige and avocado of decades gone by.

Plenty of Cabinets

Be sure that you have ample storage in the pantry, as well as in upper and lower cabinets. Whereas 30” used to be standard, 36” and 42” are moving in to provide even more space. There are a multitude of choices from stock to custom, but even big-box off-the-shelf cabinets can be customized with under-cabinet spice racks and rollout storage.

Keep Things Well Lit

All of the goodies in the kitchen won’t mean much if they can’t be seen. In addition to overhead lighting, consider adding task lighting around sinks and countertops. Don’t forget the island and bar seating, where guests will want lights to see their meals. You can even add dimmer switches to change up the mood from breakfast with the family to an intimate dinner for two.


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