Why Use a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home?

using a real estate agent to buy a homeThe real estate market in Paradise Valley is currently on fire

If you are a buyer, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of seeing a home you love selling before you can even get an offer in.

The truth is, buying a property can be a very overwhelming process as it is, and right now, the best way to secure the home of your dreams is to work with an experienced professional.

You might be thinking, with so many resources online, why use a real estate agent?

Though websites like Zillow can make it easy to look for properties, you’ll be able to find a home faster and get a better deal with a professional guiding your home buying journey. 

Need more reasons to be fully convinced? You’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn about all the advantages that come with using a real estate agent when buying a home.

Find the Best Home

Sure, you can always browse the internet to find available homes in your area.

However, real estate agents have the experience necessary to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Hoping for a home with a pool and a summer kitchen? No problem. 

Need a big home office with a view? Sounds like something a realtor can help you with. 

No matter what you have written on your home checklist, a realtor is your best bet to find exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. 

Especially when there is so much demand, working with an agent is the best way to truly know all your options.


Find the Best Neighborhood

A real estate agent can help you find the best neighborhood for your needs.

Whether you are looking for a location with lots of amenities, or one with great schools nearby, a real estate agent can help. 

Because they have extensive knowledge of the entire area where they work, they can help you find the home that you are looking for in a neighborhood that will have everything you need.


Understand the Market

Understanding the market is extremely important when purchasing a home.

Real estate professionals have extensive knowledge about market conditions and have the credibility and experience to advise you about it.

By showing you data, reports, and trends, your realtor can guide you to make the most educated decision during the home buying process.


Get the Best Price

Based on market conditions, your realtor can help you draft a realistic offer and increase your chances of closing the deal. 

Real estate agents are master negotiators.

So, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be working hard to help you get the best possible price. 

Does the home need repairs? No problem. Your real estate agent will always work hard to negotiate any repairs or upgrades needed. 

A realtor will always have your best interests in mind.

Therefore, you will always get to the closing stage knowing that they did everything in their power to get the best price for that property. 

Get Help With Paperwork 

Buying a home requires a lot of paperwork.

A real estate professional will help get everything organized. 

They will not only help you gather and prepare all the documents, but they’ll also help you understand everything you are reading and signing. 

They will handle all offers, contracts, and inspection paperwork so that you can focus on other important things during the home buying process. 

Find Other Professionals

Realtors can help you find other professionals to work with during the home buying process.

They can give you references to lawyers, accountants, contractors, decorators, etc. 

The best part? These professionals will be vetted by someone you already trust.

Have a Smoother Experience 

Why use a real estate agent? 

Because working with one will help you have a better and less stressful experience finding a home. 

A realtor will handle all communication with the sellers and listing agents, helping you focus on having a smoother transition.

While your realtor works on negotiations, you can focus on finding the best furniture and decorations for your new home. 

Realtors and Fiduciary Duties

Professional realtors have fiduciary duties which require them to have their clients’ best interests in mind.

If you are a buyer working with a realtor, you can have peace of mind that they’ll always be loyal and give you all the information needed for you to make the most educated decisions.   

A quality realtor will follow these principles when helping you buy the home of your dreams: 

  • Obedience: your realtor will listen to your instructions and follow them
  • Loyalty: your realtor will always be loyal and keep your best interests in mind
  • Disclosure: your realtor will always disclose important information
  • Confidentiality: your realtor will always keep your information confidential
  • Accounting: your realtor will always accurately report everything regarding documents and funds 
  • Reasonable care: your realtor will always provide you with knowledge and quality service


Why Use a Real Estate Agent? 

If you’ve been wondering, why use a real estate agent?

Hopefully, this guide was enough to convince you. A realtor can help make your buying experience a lot more positive in every aspect.

They will help you find the best home in the best neighborhood and help you deal with all the paperwork and negotiations. 

If you are looking for a trusted real estate professional in Paradise Valley or the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place.

Get in touch today to find out how Thomas Osterman can help you find the home of your dreams. 


Are you ready to buy a home in the Greater Phoenix Valley? Work with a real estate agent that has experience helping luxury home buyers and sellers get the most for their investments for decades! Call Thomas today at (602) 405-4052 and enjoy a more personalized real estate experience today.


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