Phoenix Arcadia Homes for Sale: Remodeling vs Buying Move In Ready

Phoenix Arcadia HomesAre you looking around at your home and thinking you could use more space? Perhaps a new kitchen or bathroom is in order. While remodeling your current home is one option, it may be a better choice to leave that hassle to the next owner and move yourself into one of the beautiful Phoenix Arcadia homes for sale. Why? Let us explain.

Stress City

You have grand plans in your head, but getting them onto paper and then into reality can be a real headache. Securing permits, finding the right contractors, dealing with all of the dirt and noise, and sometimes, if it’s a big remodel, you might even need to find another place to live for a little bit. Moving, while stressful in its own right, is much less of a venture than remodeling. That means your life can just move forward, often faster than waiting for that renovation.


You never know what’s going to happen when you start working on a remodel. You may have budgeted one amount, but things can go awry, slowly increasing your investment. And if the completion date gets pushed back, you’re inconvenienced that much longer. If you opt instead to move, you can rest easy knowing what your financial commitment will be ahead of time, and you won’t be disappointed in what the final project will look like because you’ll see your new home completed before you move in.

The Solution

If your home isn’t the one of your dreams, perhaps you should consider moving on instead of working on a remodel. Keep in mind that if your home’s resale value isn’t fantastic right now, it might be smarter to move since you’re unlikely to earn back the remodeling costs when you do choose to move.

Also, think about your home in comparison with those in your area. If remodeling will make it the nicest home there, it may be time to upgrade your surroundings rather than upgrading your current home. During any remodel, you have to think about what you’re putting into it (the cost) versus what you’ll get out (your sale price).

At the end of the day, moving may actually be the more cost-effective choice. To learn more about your neighborhood and if now is a smart time to move, contact us today!


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