Paradise Valley Home Decorating Tips: How To Add Warmth & Personality

Paradise Valley Home Decorating TipsMost of the real estate in Paradise Valley is usually well furnished and in addition paint and furniture certainly add warmth to a house, but in-spite of all this, it doesn’t become a welcoming home until artwork is hanging on the walls. But what to choose and where to put it? The process can be intimidating enough that the walls stay blank long after all of your moving boxes have been unpacked. However, with a few basic directions on what to choose and how to frame and hang your art, you’ll be able to complete your Paradise Valley home decorating in no time.

What to Choose

There are two ways to view artwork: one, as beautiful pieces to add warmth to your home, and two, as an investment. If you’re an art investor (or want to be one), you’ll choose pieces that are by renowned or up-and-coming artists, or already have established value. If on the other hand, you are looking at art based on what works for your home’s personality, the field opens up quite a bit.

No matter what piece of art you’re considering, one thing should be at the top of your “why” list: you love the piece. Buy items that speak to you, for whatever the reason. You’ll find that you appreciate them more when you have a story as to why you purchased them and the feelings they evoke. You can get a sense of different styles by visiting galleries around town. When you like a piece, make note of the artist so you can research the style and medium to find more in that genre.

How to Frame

While a piece of art may be gorgeous on its own, it can really come to life in the perfect frame. Wood, metal, thin, or bulky, the frame makes a statement in its own regard. Work with an experienced framer who will help you choose mats and frames that complement the piece without overshadowing it.

When choosing your framing materials, invest in higher quality hardware. By putting your art under museum-quality glass, you’ll preserve its vibrancy for years to come, saving yourself money on possible restoration.

Where to Put It

Look at the theme of your home and choose your art’s placement appropriately. Would you prefer one standout piece on a feature wall? Or do a bunch of similar pieces look best grouped together? Set off your favorites with spot lighting or even by hanging them from the ceiling, a la museums.

To keep your artwork in top condition, think before hanging pieces in areas that attract more humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. And be aware of areas that receive direct sunlight or potential soot from fireplaces, both of which may damage your art.

The level at which you hang pictures is also important. For the most part, they should be at eye level, and if you’re shorter or taller than the average person, perhaps you’ll choose to put them at average height. Remember this rule of thumb when hanging artwork in children’s rooms; they appreciate it so much more when it’s hung at their level rather than at their parents’.


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