5 Home Improvement Projects to Add Value to Your Arcadia AZ Home

Home Improvement Projects to Add Value to Your Arcadia AZ Home

The DIY market has exploded in the last decade, now reaching levels approaching $65 billion a year. While many people like to create crafty home improvement projects, some of these ideas can add serious value to your home. Whether you’re thinking about selling or not, it can be nice to know that what you’re investing could be worth something.

For the majority of American homeowners, their house is their biggest asset. While it will typically steadily appreciate, that process can be spurred by physical increases in value. DIY projects that fix major problems or update old utilities could increase the future selling price by a lot.

If you’re thinking about making your next home improvement projects ones that add value to your home in Arcadia, AZ, you should consider these 5 ideas.

1. Garage Door

While you might be tempted to redo the entire garage, a little work on the door could give you a serious improvement in value. If you or your teenager bumped into the door with the family car, it might be a little scuffed or dented.

Replacing that one section could add a lot of curb appeal that could increase your selling price down the road.

2. Housepainting

While it might seem like a big project, you could see a serious investment return on a repainted home. Since the color and the exterior of the house is what will draw in potential buyers, think about repainting your house or fixing the exterior stucco.

Vinyl siding is another option if you don’t want to keep painting it every 5-10 years. While it might lose some of the classic appeal, new buyers might like the durability of vinyl siding. The one thing they’ll love is that they don’t have maintenance to do from day one.

3. Outdoor Entertainment

If you entertain from time to time, an upgrade to an outdoor space can be an enhancement that you can enjoy year round and it can add some value. Brick pavers or travertine decks are great long lasting materials to install and can be a major selling point for home buyers.

Rather than scattering chairs randomly around your lawn, you could have a central region for grilling, sitting, prepping food or just relaxing throughout the year. With so many options available – from outdoor kitchen buildouts, shade structures, water features and more, it’s easy to enjoy the area year round and increase the value of your home at the same time.

4. Kitchen Improvements

Depending on the size of the project you want to take on, kitchen improvements add major value. The return you’ll get from a new marble countertop or new appliances could be huge.

While it might cost you a little more than the garage door, adding new tiling or cabinets will pay off if you decide to sell.

5. Windows

Natural light from the windows can provide both light and heat throughout the year. Windows have a profound effect on how people feel inside a home. Choosing great windows will add to the overall ambiance of your house.

They’ll also be a selling point because of their ability to insulate the home. Buy high-quality windows and you’ll be able to tell buyers they can save on heat and A/C costs because of your investment.

Home Improvement Projects Are More Than Vanity

Great home improvement projects are an investment in your living space. This can have an overall impact on the happiness of you and your family in Arcadia. Take the time to invest in a good project and you’ll see returns for years to come.

If you’re ready to take on a new home improvement project, contact us today for more details on how to get the job done.


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