Having had some very negative experiences with realtors in the past, my wife and I first met Thomas with some preconceived notions that he proceeded to blow right out of the water. After the first day of working with him he already had a better idea of what we were looking for than we did, although he was still patient as he showed us several “bad idea” properties that we wanted to see. When it came time to actually make an offer on a home, he was picture perfect during negotiations. There were several things he suggested we push for that we didn’t believe were attainable. In the end, we got everything we wanted out of the deal and much more while never “rocking the boat” and risking the deal falling through on a relatively hotly contested property. Every step of the way, his professionalism, knowledge of both the process and people (he referred me to our fantastic mortgage representative), and responsiveness (10 minute response times on emails I sent to him at midnight), were nothing short of amazing. Thomas comes with our HIGHEST recommendation.